A moment before the Sabbath

The Thursday evening session features a discussion circle on relevant personal and community related issues, along with a dialogue with the weekly Bible portion. The Israeli Lily of the Shore was chosen as the symbol for this subject because of its white blossoms and ability to live in such impossible habitats as chemical spills and seawater on the Mediterranean shore

A wild flower website explains: "The Lily of the Shore blossoms from late July to October (like the squill) in a season that is short on flowers. The blossom is pure white, large (up to 13cm long) and eye-catching. It also contains an abundance of nectar and exudes a strong, pleasant fragrance... Very few species of flowers are able to thrive in these conditions and each one has developed special adaptive qualities that help it survive the sea water spray... In this geographic belt, flowers are rare and the Lily of the Shore can be seen from afar, especially when it's in full bloom."
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